Tell the resorts you patronize that safety is very important to you and your family!

Tell them safety is a responsibility that should be shared by patrons and the resort. The resort’s design, operation and use of accident prevention / injury reduction methods and materials have a substantial impact on your safety.

Tell them safety practice information and statistics specific to their resort should be fully available to patrons and the public so they can consider safety in their choice of resorts.

Ask the resort to develop and post a Ski Area Responsibility Code along with the Skier Responsibility Code.

Ask to see their Safety Plan. Tell them it should be posted on their website and readily available to patrons and the public on request.*

Ask them to collaborate with the other resorts across state and the country to develop safety standards.

Tell us and the resorts you patronize about any safety concerns, improvement opportunities or best practices you see.

Visit, call or write the governor, your assemblyperson and senator. Tell them you want public policy that: (1) better balances public safety with legal liability protection for the resorts; (2) makes resort specific safety information and statistics available to the public for consideration in their choice of resorts.

Spread the Word: safety is not by accident!

*Send a copy to us. We will evaluate it for you and include it with the resort specific information we post on our website and utilize for ratings.