According to Ski Area Management Magazine, there are between 10 and 12 million active skiers and snowboarders nationwide.  8 million of them are on the slopes less than 9 days a season, totaling 24 million skier days. Only 500,000 active skiers / snowboarders (approximately 5 %) are on the slopes 20 days or more for a total of 18 million skier days.  The average skier / snowboarder is on the slopes only 5 days per year. Using this average and an estimated  5 to 6 million in California skier days in California (NSAA only reports skier days by region) there are 1 to1.2  million in California. Approximately 20 percent of the skier / snowboarders in California are not California residents.

25% of skier/ snowboarders are 17years old or younger and 37.5% are 25 or younger.  2.3% are over 65 and approximately 7% over 55. The number of snowboarders grew steadily until the last few years, when the numbers have begun declining.  Snowboarders are currently approximately 30% of the skier / snowboarder total, although that percentage varies significantly from region to region and resort to resort. Skiers and snowboarders share the slopes and trails at the vast majority of the resorts.  There are a few resorts that prohibit or segregate snowboarders and at least one resort that is exclusively for snowboarders.