There are no Federal ski safety statutes or regulations. Since all resorts operate in states, the Federal courts are generally required to enforce state laws and regulations or rule consistent with state case law. Therefore, Federal public policy is tied to the public policy of the states in which the individual resorts operate.

In several western states, some resorts lease all or part of the land on which they operate from the United States Forest Service (USFS). The resorts are required to apply for a permit to operate on USFS land. The permit requires the resorts to fully indemnify the USFS for all liability. The USFS is primarily a land use regulator. It has no published regulations and sets no standards for safety on resort slopes and trails. The permit application requires resorts to document wilderness area boundary signage and markers, ski patrol staffing and operations, and a limited number of other practices that generally impact but are not specific to public safety. USFS does not require resort wide accident and injury reporting and does not collect or retain resort accident and injury statistics. The limited safety related USFS lease permit requirements do not represent or set any significant federal public policy regarding safety on ski area slopes and trails.