Nationally there are 470 Alpine snowsport resorts in 37 states. This number is down from 546 twenty-five years ago, apparently due to closures and consolidation.. New York has the largest number of resorts with 52. California has 29 and Colorado 30.

The number of skier days  (one skier or snowboarder for all or part of one day) has vacillated annually between 50 and 60 million nationally with no significant growth in the past several years. The Rocky Mountain states, primarily Colorado and Utah, have the most skier days annually (approx. 21 million or 40% of the total skier days reported nationally). California has between 5 and 6 million skier days (approximately 10% of the national total). The Northeastern states, including New York and the New England states, have approximately 13 million skier days annually—about  25 % of the total days nationally.